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Under Construction!

Digital Webbing

Online resource for all things related to digital Comic Art
Here's some links to the pages of some of the regulars in the NYT Arts Forums - enjoy!

Mark Malmgren

Mark painted over 4000 works - one for every person lost on September 11 - and gave them all away.
Ian Summers: heartstorming
Krylon on Viscuene - wild!
Donald Ricker

Lots of stuff - I haven't even found everything yet.
Jim Innes
Very exuberant paintings - tips on printmaking.
Dallas Art Review?
Mani de Li
Daliesqeness, and criticism of modern art.

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Other Sites of Interest

P. Richards: Evolve
Check out the beautiful navigigation logo on this personal site, an exellent minimalist design solution - also a lot of truely amazing DHTML, Javascript, VML and Direct animations.
3D Animations and Galleries
Java Animation Software
Great Flash intro - turn up the sound on this one and the one above!

Check back soon - there will be more!

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Documentation and Articles

W3C's HTML Home Page

Find all sorts of useful links and information on this page, including articles on web design and philosophy by Tim Berners-Lee, such as:
Links and Law
The first article in a series on hyperlinks and other germane subjects by Tim Berners-Lee - here's an index of articles:
Design Issues
Philosophy by Tim Berners-Lee.
WDVL: HTML - The HyperText Markup Language
There are so many HTML Tutorials out there, If I start listing them, I'd never get the rest of this web site done - however, I have generally found the tutorials found on the WDVL (Web Developers Virtual Library) to be generally clearly written, and helpful - I relied on it heavily when creating this site.
"Centripetal Textuality", by P. Aaron Potter from Victorian Studies Volume 41, Number 4. An interesting article on the impact of hypertext in scholarship.
I also recommend Steven Johnsons, Internet Culture, some fascinating Internet history, as well as an in depth exploration of computer interfaces.
WDVL: Parlez Vous HTML ?
An article that answers the question: why validate? - as well as some tips on writing well formed HTML.
WDVL: Nav 101
Yet another WDVL article, this one dealing with the eternal design problem of website navigation.
EchoEcho.Com: Tutorials
Good basic tutorials with excellent references and and a great layout - indispensible for quick attribute references.
Really Safe Web Colors
Really safe web colors!



A very nice (and free) HTML text editor, written by Paul Lutus, which is user configurable, and has internal browser capability - this site was written on Arachnophilia! Check out Graphtitude as well, a graphing program.
Evrsoft's 1stPage
Comes highly recommended by people who share my hatred for WYSIWYG editors and their schizophrenic code wizards - a bit more complicated interface than Arachnophilia, but with more scripting support, including line number support, CSS, ect. Tidy (see below) is built in. See WDVL's HTML Editor Page for reviews of freeware and commercial packages.

Update: installed a relatively harmless, but extremely annoying virus on my hard drive, JS loop A - if you downloaded this program, check for a file called "7 buttons from hell" in the evrsoft folders, and delete it.

I personally cannot recommend software that contains viruses!!!

Tidy is an HTML and XML validation tool, for testing web pages for well formedness, critical to XML. The author, Dave Raggett claims it is able to make sense of HTML created by MS Word! There are also links to other HTML editors on this page, try them out, I'm certainly going to.
Webreference: Dmitris Design Page
Various design tutorials and references.
WDVL: Nav 101
An introduction to the basics of site navigation.
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DynAPI Links

DynAPI is a library of Javascript functions, written to be cross-browser compatable - not as big an issue these days maybe, but check it out, you might be amazed what you can do with javascript.
The DynAPI Project

DynAPI DHTML Tutorial

Dan Steinman's DynAPI Examples RichardInfo.Com Examples

SourceForge: DynAPI: Cross-Browser DHTML Library

Research Triangle: Beginner's Guide to DHTML

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Glish.Com: CSS Layout Techniques: for Fun and Profit

Cross Browser CSS, lots of information and links, some free layouts, check it out.
Cascade DTP
An in browser CSS editor.
MeyerWeb: CSS/Edge
Damn the Torpedos! AN exploration of the cutting edge of CSS, with some inevitable discussion on what works and what doesn't, in what browser - but more fun this way.
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Documentation and Articles

XML in 10 points

The W3C's XML FAQ - read it.

Scientific Computing: XML TO TAKE SCIENCE BY STORM

Journal of Online Mathmatics and it's Applications


W3C's Amaya Editor/Browser

The W3C's official open source browser/editor, used as a test platform for the latest web implementatins.
Schemasoft: MathML to SVG Converter

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Documentation and Articles

W3C: SVG Home Page
Everything about SVG's from the W3C
Adobe SVG Zone
Get the SVG Adobe Viewer here.
Tobias Reif's site, tutorials, examples, and information.


W3C: SVG-Implementations
List of current SVG enabled applications.
Jasc Webdraw
Nice, inexpensive SVG solution. I've been fairly impressed with Jasc software, the images in my gallery were all done in PaintShop Pro.
Mayura Draw
A bit more primitive, but cheap, and it converts Illustrator 8 files! Well worth $25.00.

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